Organic Fertilizer Products


Our SLR organic compost is the complete soil conditioner, available to purchase from Sri Lanka. Currently most of the countries agriculture mainly depend on chemical fertilizers thereby governments spending large sums of foreign exchange for the importation of chemical fertilizers.

The need to introduce organic fertilizer has become ever so important, to counter the effects of soil degradation and ill effects to humans, animals and entire eco-systems by continuous utilization of chemical fertilizers.

Organic compost creates tremendous benefits to the country in terms of Economic, Social and Environmental aspects.

It is required at this time to focus on the development of agricultural industry in Sri Lanka by converting Bio degradable organic waste into stable compost. Also, it can generate foreign currency by exporting to countries close to the Sri Lanka.


Improves soil organic matter levels

Increases nutrients in soil

Improves soil structure

Increases water absorption

Grow stronger plants

Improved disease suppression

Minimizes erosion

Use as a supplement to any soil (rather than in place of soil – a common mistake) to provide a natural balance of nutrients and minerals for healthy plant growth.

The naturally generated heat from the production process destroys weed seeds, soil-borne plant pathogens and disease.

Made from 100% green waste like kitchen waste, Cow dung, Coco peat, Goat manure, Rice husk ash. Our additive-free compost improves the texture, integrity and fertility of your soil, resulting in improved nutrient and moisture retention.

Nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and countless micronutrients are released slowly by the microorganisms in our compost, ensuring your plants and shrubs have the very best chance of thriving and being protected from a multitude of garden diseases.

Rich in natural nutrients, containing no added fillers and compliant with Sri Lankan Organic regulations, our compost is subject to our quality control procedures.

Packing;2kg,5 kg,10 kg & 20 kg

Cow Dung

Collected from cattle farms with high purity. Available in wet & dry forms as powdered or dried lumps.


Packing:20 kg PP woven bags, Printed or Unprinted.

Coco moss

A blend of Coco peat and coco fibers in wet stage.

Available pack size-20 kg per PP woven bags. Printed or Unprinted