Husk Chips Products

Compressed Blocks 4.5 kg-5 kg

Husk chips are pre-cut slices (size 1 cm to 3 cm) and cubes from the coconut husk. It contains high quality Peat with Fibers to absorb more water. Washed and unwashed husk chips can be used for different applications. The Coco chips are suitable for the plants which require more Air Fill Porosity. Ideal for plants like Orchids, Anthurium and animal farmers. Coco Chips are free from weeds, prevents insects and harmful fungi. Husk chip blocks are hand breakable. Husk chips are also an ideal replacement for wood bark and mulches in many applications.


Weight                          5 kg

Compression Ratio    5:1

EC                                   Low EC/EC<0.5mS/cm

Moisture                       Below 20%

Load ability                  23MT/40’HC

Volume                         60-70 Ltr