Green House Products

Grow Bags

Grow Bag Slabs are the best and sustainable option for the soilless cultivation of vegetables and flowers under Green house and Table Top Polytunnel production. This product consists of layered coco peat and coco husk chips compressed into slabs in poly sleeves, which is commonly used in horticulture and hydroponic greenhouse industry for growing different types of vegetables, floriculture industry and many seasonal and non-seasonal flowers.

Substrates for soilless cultivation, largely used in green-houses specially for growing Vegetables Paprika, Tomato, Capsicums, Cucumbers, Strawberries, Carnation Roses & Gerbera.


Packed in black inside & white outside, high density, co-extruded plastic bags

UV treated for 2 – 3 years

High air-filled porosity

Enhanced root growth

Free from weed seeds or pathogens

Helps better irrigation

Material/s         Coco peat/Husk chips

Moisture           Max. 20 %

PH                    5.5-6.5

Mesh                ½’’

EC                 0.5-1 mS/cm

Planter Bags

Open top Grow Bags/Planter are available in high density packed in open top recyclable plastic bags. These open grow bags are available in different sizes and grades, suitable for use in greenhouses, vegetable and flower production. Popular with Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry, Water melon, Citrus growers.

Open top grow bags are suitable for soft fruit growers as a cost effective and flexible way to grow. They can be just laid out and hydrated. Helps to avoid dealing with bulk coir and to keep labour costs down. Easy to handle, store and use. Ideal for greenhouse applications as there is no need to fill and spread the heavy pot.


Dimension                 25 cm*18 cm*4 cm (Expansion height 18 cm)

Material                       70 % Coco peat & 30% Husk chips

E.C                                 1 mS/cm       

PH                                  5.5-6.5

Packing                       UV treated bags